Product videos

Equipment Videos

These three videos will teach you everything you need to know about the working parts of your yo-yo. Find the yo-yo that you'd like to know more about, and let our esteemed instructor show you new details and exciting tips!

Equipment video for the NED yo-yo Equipment video for the boomerang yo-yo Equipment video for the Cosmic Spin yo-yo

NED Yo-Yo, Go Yo & UFO Yo

Boomerang Yo-Yo, Yeti Yo

Cosmic Spin, EXCELerator & Spark Yo-Yo

Learn To Yo Foundations

These six videos will teach you what you’ll need to know to play with your yo-yo. You will learn how to: play safely, prepare your yo, throw your yo, wind up your yo, and change the string. You will also learn all about the hitch.

Yo-Yo Safety

How to Adjust Your String

What is the Hitch?

How to Throw Your Yo-Yo

How to Wind Your Yo-Yo

How to Change Your String