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Read reviews for The NED Show assembly and follow-up resources.

We value the feedback we receive from the schools we visit. The impressions we leave behind are important to us as we strive to positively impact more students every year.  We’re thankful for the schools that partner with us and agree this is a message worth sharing.

"I was really surprised at how much our rowdy fifth graders were actually engaged in the program and all scholars repeated the NED message several times. I asked a few students about NED this morning and they still remembered! That's great! I will definitely be recommending the program to other schools! Thank you so much for connecting Looscan Elementary with the Pay It Forward Program!" A. Alamea, Counselor Houston, TX

“We absolutely loved the show! Justin did a great job and kept their attention the ENTIRE time!  I've been with our school district 11 years, and I've never seen all the kids focused like they were with him in the gym.  It was amazing!  He did a wonderful job!


The children are loving the yo-yos and we've sold way more than I anticipated from our small, low income district."

K. Venturini, Counselor   Carlyle, IL

"Words can’t even begin to express how PHENOMENAL the NED Show presentation was for our scholars. It was truly a highlight! The performer was exceptional and all 300 kindergarten-2nd grade students absolutely loved him. I, along with the entire school, was simply amazed at how he was able to not only captivate, but maintain their attention for the entirety of the program. One student in particular, was greatly affected by the presentation. Your performer chose her out of the crowd to participate in his act on the stage, and it truly gave her the confidence boost her teachers have been trying to promote for some time now. We hope to have the NED Show return to us next year, and I would surely recommend this program to neighboring Metro-Atlanta schools!" G. Newton, Director of Parent Relationships and School Branding Atlanta, GA
"Thank you so much for helping bring The NED Show to Trivium! I have to say that in all of my years of teaching I have never seen such a captivated audience, even the kindergarteners! By far the best assembly we have ever had. Haley was absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to book The NED Show for next year. Thank you again for the amazing opportunity. We are truly grateful!" M. Wolstenholm, Teacher Bakersfield, CA

"I do want to share an unexpected result of your show... After the show I asked some students near me if they would help me put the chairs away. When I turned around I noticed that several other students were carrying chairs to help.  These were not your typical kids but were several of my special education kids. I think many of our kids get your message at home but the students who came forward were students who are severely neglected at home. I really think they not only heard your message but it sparked something in them.  They may not ever be a champion at math or reading but they learned they can be a Champion by following NED’s message.

I hope this warms your heart.  Thank you!

A. Kneisley, Counselor  Sandusky, OH

"The students and staff LOVED-LOVED-LOVED the show!!! It is all they have been talking about all day long. I had many comments from staff members that this was the one of the best speakers we have had at our school. One teacher who has been teaching for 34 years said In all my years of teaching, this assembly was by far the best! It was so engaging and the students were all smiling, laughing and I can't wait to use the materials on the website." B. Gores, Licensed Counselor, Belle Plaine, MN "Thank you very much for the opportunity to have The NED Show at our school. The students and teachers absolutely loved it. I've rarely seen an assembly where all the students from preschool to 6th grade were 100% engaged throughout the entire time... one teacher remarked, 'the best character ed. assembly I have ever seen.' It will be an assembly that the school will remember for a long time." J. Shelton, Westmore Elementary, Orem, UT

“The students and staff both enjoyed the show tremendously!


One teacher stated "I believe that is the first assembly we've ever had that we didn't have at least one student's probably because the presenter was so lively and engaging that everyone's attention was focused solely on her!


Another teacher said she'd been enjoying the resources on the website and had been using them daily. Another teacher said she has incorporated the NED message into her her classroom discipline and has seen a positive increase in student behavior.


Thanks so much! Look forward to next year!"

R. Germanol, Ed. D.,  William Heights Elementary, Waycross, GA

"Today the NED show visited my elementary school for the third consecutive year. The performer was OUTSTANDING in every sense of the word. He engaged every student from K-6! Some of our kids have now seen the same show for three years and yet the performer kept them on the edge of their seats. He was professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for offering such a worthwhile program to our students! We look forward to working with you again next year!" C. Olsen, Instuctional Coach Nautilus Elementary, Lake Havasu City, AZ "The students were engaged during both shows and the NED message was an excellent motivator for all of our students, especially during this time of the new PARCC generation assessment period. We will definitely be having The NED Show return to Duncan Falls. S., Duncan Falls Primary, Duncan Falls, OH "I want to thank you and your organization for your great work... The kids and staff had a great time and the message was presented in such a super way that we are now all NEDS! Thank you for this fun program—BTW, the yo-yos are such a hit, I am thinking of having a "Yo-Yo! Bro Talent Show at the end of the month for kids to show off their best yo-yo tricks!" K., PS 100 Coney Island Elementary, Brooklyn, NY "The NED Show was a big hit at Key school. The faculty, staff and students were very excited about the message presented and it has been a great kick off point for our school's Peace Project. The NED Show certainly left an important and meaningful impression on Key students. Thanks so much for this Character Education program!" T., Francis S. Key Elementary, Philadelphia, PA
"The kids loved it and are all excited about owning a yo-yo. I hope the students and parents take the time to practice the skills to become proficient at yo-yoing. It's a great way to improve focusing, eye/hand coordination, and practice something they can do at home that's fun and entertaining. What a great way to make the NED message concrete." T. Kaplan, Guidance Counselor, Hialeah, FL

“Thank you again for the privilege of having The NED Show at our school. The entire experience was excellent. Your material for the school and teachers was well done and helpful. The performance was engaging, high-energy, informative and motivating. The NED message is very powerful. The performer did an excellent job of communicating it with our students and from the first yo-yo trick on he had them listening and engaged!"

P. Wrobbel, Head of School,  Trinity Oaks Christian Academy, Cary, IL

“Our students really enjoyed the show. They liked how our Principal was incorporated into the story. I think the message got through to them successfully as even some of my kindergarten students can remember what NED stands for! Thanks so much for offering us this assembly through the Pay-It-Forward Program!”

L. Bayer, Bridgeway Elementary, Bridgeton, MO



“It was a pleasure meeting the NED Show performer today. He did a fabulous job for us at Iditarod Elementary School. NED is such an important message for students to hear. Even though they hear it from their teachers on a consistent basis, coming from an animated yo-yo artist and magician is powerful. Thanks for all you do for kids.”

S. Nelson, Principal/Iditarod Elementary,  Wasilla, AK



“The NED Show went very well. The kids were very attentive and completely receptive to the message. They are still talking about it so I know it is still in the foreground of their minds. To be perfectly honest, we would not have been able to have this type of assembly if it had not been free of charge. With budget cuts, this would not have been possible. I understand our product sales helps to offset the cost and “pay it forward” for another school. This works for us!

J. Lackey/Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary, Claysburg, PA



“Students and staff were both appreciative of the program. The message from NED has been reviewed/reinforced through additional character ed and choices/consequences programming with students this week. Next week is testing, so the message of “do your best” certainly is applicable to daily life here at school.”

D. Romance, Cub Run Elementary, Cub Run, KY

"As always, I loved the show, the kids loved the show, and my staff loved the show. The performer was hilarious and fun, and really engaged all the ages K-5. The message ties in well with what we work on here in our building, and students really took it away with them. Thank you for this service!! " C. Thola, Principal, Petoskey Public Schools, Petoskey, MI "Our Pre-K through 5th grade students are still talking about The NED Show. When my teachers are as excited as the children, I know we have hit the right formula!" M Lancaster, Head of Lower School, Rocky Mount, NC “Thanks so much for everything. I personally think it was one of the best assemblies. The students were so excited about NED. Everyone at school can tell you what NED stands for. It has been extremely helpful especially as we prepare for end of level testing. It helps the students remember to Never Give UP and Do “Their” Best in all they do. It was one of the best – if not the best assembly of the year.” J. Simon, Counselor/Gramercy Elementary School, Ogden, UT “The one student chosen to participate in the assembly was so needing the positive encouragement and recognition! She was being bullied a week or two before because of some speech and attendance issues. To see her be selected was heartfelt. She was so proud and happy! Her father was excited and proud as well!” J. LaFromboise, Browning Elementary, Browning, MT

“The most powerful instance during the performance was when a FIT (Family in Transition) student answered a question and received a free yo-yo. He was ecstatic and loves to tell his peers about the NED message. Thank you again for offering this great program!

F. Vasquez, School Counselor, Koa Elementary, Kissimmee, FL

“I love the website video, the follow-up lesson plans and the resources. For every student that returns a “champion goal sheet”, I give them a “NED Certificate” and “NED Pencil. We used our NED money from our “Pay-it-Forward” bonus to buy the pencils for student rewards. Thanks so much for a great show!

J. Quint, Principal/ Thornebrooke Elementary, Ocoee, FL



“We are thankful for the motivating message The NED Show brought to our school. Its message closely aligns with our character development instruction.”

L. Horton, Counselor/Benteen Elementary Schools, Atlanta, GA

“Our students will carry the NED message forward and we are going to embed it in our PBIS system.
The beauty of NED is its simplicity and with it, our

students capacity to remember and put these principles into action. This school assembly was a difference maker and that rarely happens with a school assembly.”

M. Roth/Turman Elementary, Colorado Springs, CO



"Our students are still talking about The NED Show.

When my teachers are as excited as the children, I KNOW we have hit the right formula! It was a marvelous experience and one that we will pass recommendations to everyone in our area!

Martha M. Lancaster, Rocky Mount Academy, Rocky Mount, NC



“FANTASTIC show!” The performer had the kids “hooked” from the minute he started! I have never seen 525 kids sitting so intently and respectfully in 20 years!”

C. Cantrell/ St Mary Grade Elementary School, Albuquerque, NM

“The message from the NED Show is all encompassing. The delivery is very kid friendly, interactive, enthusiastic, and character driven. The students were spellbound both by the message and the yo-yo-tricks that went hand-in-hand. We are looking forward to our school “paying it forward” to allow another school to receive NED’s timely message.”

T. Carter, Counselor/Carl Junction Primary, Carl Junction, MO

“Thank you for choosing a special student to participate in your show. I’m so glad she raised her hand. She struggles every day in school. She has problems focusing and following directions in class. Frustrations with these tasks often lead to behavior issues. She can sometimes get lost in a crowd. Making friends IS hard for her. It was so courageous of her to raise her hand and share.  I’m so glad you picked her so she could have a moment to shine!”

H. Ballinger/Black Bob Elementary, Olathe, KS



“All the students are so excited and I really believe the NED culture will stick in our school! The staff is so grateful for having an “educational”, but fun assembly.”

S. Shepherd, Charter School, Las Vegas, NV

“When something happens in our class that is ‘unfortunate’ we then go back to NED.  We have done group work on a variety of subjects and I preface each of these by mentioning the NED values. The whole program is geared perfectly to children. It made a big impression on them as it’s something they can relate to.”

L. Kolenberg, Teacher / Craigburn Primary School, Falgstaff Hill, South Australia



“One of my teachers said it was beneficial for students to hear these kinds of positive, affirming messages from someone outside of school!”

P. Guzman/Spry Elementary /Chicago, IL